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I make things that might look cool or serve a purpose. 93% of the time, that purpose is just stopping an idea from repeatedly ricocheting around in my head like a rubber ball in a room of trampolines. 

It's probably a disease but hopefully you'll enjoy the symptoms.

The (obvious) influences on my art are comics, manga and music. Less obvious influences are interior design (good frames are so important), toys, sculptures and other random physical objects. In short, I'm far from any sort of art buff.

Sometimes the pieces come out as if Roy Lichtenstein ate and regurgitated a Frank Miller comic, and someone tried to draw the vomit. Other times, it all goes a bit synthwave with some Junji Ito seasoning. The music influence is easier to figure out (often via the painting titles) and spans the range from 80's metal to modern R&B.

In any and all of those situations, anything I make is full of intention - nothing is coincidental and that attention to detail is because when my stuff becomes your stuff, it needs to look as good or better than your existing stuff. STUFF.

The secret to such variety and meticulousness is a steady diet of meat snacks, green tea and being self-taught. No formal qualifications. Unless you include:

- Drawing comic and/or manga style art on-and-off since 1998 
- Designed merchandise, posters and album covers for musicians since 2009
- Worked with or led design teams in a professional capacity since 2011

If that works for you, then you're absolutely my cup of (green) tea. If not, bit weird that you made it this far down?

Thanks for checking my stuff out and check back regularly for new stuff. STUFF.
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